30 CFR § 250.841 - Platforms.

§ 250.841 Platforms.

(a) You must protect all platform production facilities with a basic and ancillary surface safety system designed, analyzed, installed, tested, and maintained in operating condition in accordance with the provisions of API RP 14C (incorporated by reference as specified in § 250.198). If you use processing components other than those for which Safety Analysis Checklists are included in API RP 14C, you must utilize the analysis technique and documentation specified in API RP 14C to determine the effects and requirements of these components on the safety system. Safety device requirements for pipelines are contained in § 250.1004.

(b) You must design, install, inspect, repair, test, and maintain in operating condition all platform production process piping in accordance with API RP 14E and API 570 (both incorporated by reference as specified in § 250.198). The District Manager may approve temporary repairs to facility piping on a case-by-case basis for a period not to exceed 30 days.

(c) If you plan to make a modification to any production safety system that also involves a major modification to the platform structure, you must follow the requirements in § 250.900(b)(2). A major modification to a platform structure is defined in § 250.900(b)(2).

[81 FR 60918, Sept. 7, 2016, as amended at 83 FR 49257, Sept. 28, 2018]