30 CFR § 254.30 - When must I revise my OSRP?

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§ 254.30 When must I revise my OSRP?

(a) You must review your OSRP at least every 2 years and submit all resulting modifications to the Chief, OSPD. If this review does not result in modifications, you must inform the Chief, OSPD, in writing that there are no changes.

(b) You must submit revisions to your OSRP for approval within 15 days whenever:

(1) A change occurs which significantly reduces your response capabilities;

(2) A significant change occurs in the worst case discharge scenario or in the type of oil being handled, stored, or transported at the facility;

(3) There is a change in the name(s) or capabilities of the oil spill removal organizations cited in the OSRP; or

(4) There is a significant change to the Area Contingency Plan(s).

(c) The Chief, OSPD, may require that you resubmit your OSRP if the OSRP has become outdated or if numerous revisions have made its use difficult.

(d) The Chief, OSPD, will periodically review the equipment inventories of OSRO's to ensure that sufficient spill removal equipment is available to meet the cumulative needs of the owners and operators who cite these organizations in their OSRPs.

(e) The Chief, OSPD, may require you to revise your OSRP if significant inadequacies are indicated by:

(1) Periodic reviews (described in paragraph (d) of this section);

(2) Information obtained during drills or actual spill responses; or

(3) Other relevant information the Chief, OSPD, obtained.

[81 FR 36152, June 6, 2016]

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