30 CFR § 254.41 - Training your response personnel.

§ 254.41 Training your response personnel.

(a) You must ensure that the members of your spill-response operating team who are responsible for operating response equipment attend hands-on training classes at least annually. This training must include the deployment and operation of the response equipment they will use. Those responsible for supervising the team must be trained annually in directing the deployment and use of the response equipment.

(b) You must ensure that the spill-response management team, including the spill-response coordinator and alternates, receives annual training. This training must include instruction on:

(1) Locations, intended use, deployment strategies, and the operational and logistical requirements of response equipment;

(2) Spill reporting procedures;

(3) Oil-spill trajectory analysis and predicting spill movement; and

(4) Any other responsibilities the spill management team may have.

(c) You must ensure that the qualified individual is sufficiently trained to perform his or her duties.

(d) You must keep all training certificates and training attendance records at the location designated in your OSRP for at least 2 years. They must be made available to any authorized BSEE representative upon request.

[76 FR 64462, Oct. 18, 2011, as amended at 81 FR 36153, June 6, 2016]

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