30 CFR § 35.12 - Changes after certification.

§ 35.12 Changes after certification.

If an applicant desires to change any specification or characteristic of a certified hydraulic fluid, he shall first obtain MSHA's approval of the change, pursuant to the following procedures:


(1) Application shall be made, as for an original certificate of approval, requesting that the existing certification be extended to cover the proposed change. The application shall be accompanied by specifications and related material as in the case of an original application.

(2) Where the applicant for approval has used an independent laboratory under part 6 of this chapter to perform, in whole or in part, the necessary testing and evaluation for approval of changes to an approved product under this part, the applicant must provide to MSHA as part of the approval application:

(i) Written evidence of the laboratory's independence and current recognition by a laboratory accrediting organization;

(ii) Complete technical explanation of how the product complies with each requirement in the applicable MSHA product approval requirements;

(iii) Identification of components or features of the product that are critical to the safety of the product; and

(iv) All documentation, including drawings and specifications, as submitted to the independent laboratory by the applicant and as required by this part.

(b) The application and related material(s) will be examined by MSHA to determine whether testing of the modified hydraulic fluid will be required. Testing will be necessary if there is a possibility that the modification may affect adversely the performance characteristics of the fluid. MSHA will inform the applicant in writing whether such testing is required.

(c) If the proposed modification meets the requirements of this part, a formal extension of certification will be issued, accompanied by a list of new and corrected specifications to be added to those already on file, as the basis for the extension of certification.

[Sched, 30, 24 FR 10201, Dec. 17, 1959, as amended at 52 FR 17515, May 8, 1987; 68 FR 36422, June 17, 2003]

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