30 CFR § 36.26 - Composition of exhaust gas.

§ 36.26 Composition of exhaust gas.

(a) Preliminary engine adjustment. The engine shall be submitted to MSHA by the applicant in such condition that it can be tested immediately at full load and speed. The preliminary liquid-fuel-injection rate shall be such that the exhaust will not contain black smoke and the applicant shall adjust the injection rate promptly to correct any adverse conditions disclosed by preliminary tests.

(b) Final engine adjustment. The liquid fuel supply to the engine shall be adjusted so that the undiluted exhaust gas shall contain not more than 0.30 percent, by volume, of carbon monoxide or 0.20 percent, by volume, of oxides of nitrogen (calculated as equivalent nitrogen dioxide, NO2) under any conditions of engine operation prescribed by MSHA when the intake air mixture to the engine contains 1.5 ±0.1 percent, by volume, of Pittsburgh natural gas. 3

3 Investigation has shown that for practical purposes, Pittsburgh natural gas (containing a high percentage of methane) is a satisfactory substitute for pure methane in these tests.

(c) Coupling or adapter. The applicant shall provide the coupling or adapter for connecting the engine to MSHA's dynamometer.


Preferably this coupling or adapter should be attached to the flywheel of the engine.

Clutches, transmissions, or torque converters ordinarily are not required in the coupling train.

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