30 CFR § 550.143 - How do I designate an operator?

§ 550.143 How do I designate an operator?

(a) You must provide the Regional Supervisor an executed Designation of Operator form (Form BOEM–1123) unless you are the only lessee and are the only person conducting lease operations. When there is more than one lessee, each lessee must submit the Designation of Operator form and the Regional Supervisor must approve the designation before the designated operator may begin operations on the leasehold.

(b) This designation is authority for the designated operator to act on your behalf and to fulfill your obligations under the Act, the lease, and the regulations in this part.

(c) You, or your designated operator, must immediately provide the Regional Supervisor a written notification of any change of address.

(d) If you change the designated operator on your lease, you must pay the service fee listed in § 550.125 of this subpart with your request for a change in designation of operator. Should there be multiple lessees, all designation of operator forms must be collected by one lessee and submitted to BOEM in a single submittal, which is subject to only one filing fee.