30 CFR § 556.106 - Service fees.

§ 556.106 Service fees.

(a) The table in this paragraph (a) shows the fees you must pay to BOEM for the services listed. BOEM will adjust the fees periodically according to the Implicit Price Deflator for Gross Domestic Product and publish a document showing the adjustment in the Federal Register. If a significant adjustment is needed to arrive at a new fee for any reason other than inflation, then a proposed rule containing the new fees will be published in the Federal Register for comment.

Service Fee Table

Service—processing of the following: Fee amount 30 CFR citation
(1) Assignment of record title interest in Federal oil and gas lease(s) for BOEM approval $234 § 556.701(a).
(2) Sublease or Assignment of operating rights interest in Federal oil and gas lease(s) for BOEM approval 234 § 556.801(a).
(3) Required document filing for record purpose, but not for BOEM approval 34 § 556.715(a)
§ 556.808(a).
(4) Non-required document filing for record purposes 34 § 556.715(b)
§ 556.808(b).

(b) Evidence of payment via pay.gov of the fees listed in paragraph (a) of this section must accompany the submission of a document for approval or filing, or be sent to an office identified by the Regional Director.

(c) Once a fee is paid, it is nonrefundable, even if your service request is withdrawn.

(d) If your request is returned to you as incomplete, you are not required to submit a new fee with the amended submission.

(e) The pay.gov Web site is accessible at https://www.pay.gov/paygov/ or through the BOEM Web site at http://www.boem.gov/Fees-for-Services.

(f) The fees listed in the table above apply equally to any document or information submitted electronically pursuant to part 560, subpart E, of this chapter.

[81 FR 18152, Mar. 30, 2016, as amended at 87 FR 52446, Aug. 26, 2022]