30 CFR § 56.6602 - Static electricity dissipation during loading.

§ 56.6602 Static electricity dissipation during loading.

When explosive material is loaded pneumatically into a blasthole in a manner that generates a static electricity hazard -

(a) An evaluation of the potential static electricity hazard shall be made and any hazard shall be eliminated before loading begins;

(b) The loading hose shall be of a semiconductive type, have a total of not more than 2 megohms of resistance over its entire length and not less than 1000 ohms of resistance per foot;

(c) Wire-countered hoses shall not be used;

(d) Conductive parts of the loading equipment shall be bonded and grounded and grounds shall not be made to other potential sources of extraneous electricity; and

(e) Plastic tubes shall not be used as hole liners if the hole contains an electric detonator.

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