30 CFR § 580.12 - What must I include in my application or notification?

§ 580.12 What must I include in my application or notification?

(a) Permits. You must submit to the Regional Director a signed original and three copies of the permit application form (Form BOEM–0134) at least 30 days before the startup date for activities in the permit area. If unusual circumstances prevent you from meeting this deadline, you must immediately contact the Regional Director to arrange an acceptable deadline. The form includes names of persons; the type, location, purpose, and dates of activity; and environmental and other information. A nonrefundable service fee of $2,012 must be paid electronically through Pay.gov at: https://www.pay.gov/paygov/ and you must include a copy of the Pay.gov confirmation receipt page with your application.

(b) Disapproval of permit application. If we disapprove your application for a permit, the RD will explain the reasons for the disapproval and what you must do to obtain approval.

(c) Notices. You must sign and date a notice that includes:

(1) The name(s) of the person(s) who will conduct the proposed research;

(2) The name(s) of any other person(s) participating in the proposed research, including the sponsor;

(3) The type of research and a brief description of how you will conduct it;

(4) A map, plat, or chart, that shows the location where you will conduct research;

(5) The proposed projected starting and ending dates for your research activity;

(6) The name, registry number, registered owner, and port of registry of vessels used in the operation;

(7) The earliest practical time you expect to make the data and information resulting from your research activity available to the public;

(8) Your plan of how you will make the data and information you collect available to the public;

(9) A statement that you and others involved will not sell or withhold the data and information resulting from your research; and

(10) At your option, the nonexclusive use agreement for scientific research attachment to Form BOEM–0134. (If you submit this agreement, you do not have to submit the material required in paragraphs (c)(7), (c)(8), and (c)(9) of this section.)