30 CFR § 580.24 - What reports must I file?

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§ 580.24 What reports must I file?

(a) You must submit status reports on a schedule specified in the permit and include a daily log of operations.

(b) You must submit a final report of G&G prospecting or scientific research activities under a permit within 30 days after you complete acquisition activities under the permit. You may combine the final report with the last status report and must include each of the following:

(1) A description of the work performed.

(2) Charts, maps, plats and digital navigation data in a format specified by the Regional Director, showing the areas and blocks in which any G&G prospecting or permitted scientific research activities were conducted. Identify the lines of geophysical traverses and their locations including a reference sufficient to identify the data produced during each activity.

(3) The dates on which you conducted the actual prospecting or scientific research activities.

(4) A summary of any:

(i) Hard mineral, hydrocarbon, or sulphur occurrences encountered;

(ii) Environmental hazards; and

(iii) Adverse effects of the G&G prospecting or scientific research activities on the environment, aquatic life, archaeological resources, or other uses of the area in which the activities were conducted.

(5) Other descriptions of the activities conducted as specified by the Regional Director.