30 CFR § 585.408 - May I assign my lease or grant interest?

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§ 585.408 May I assign my lease or grant interest?

(a) You may assign all or part of your lease or grant interest, including record title, subject to BOEM approval under this subpart. Each instrument that creates or transfers an interest must describe the entire tract or describe by officially designated subdivisions the interest you propose to create or transfer.

(b) You may assign a lease or grant interest by submitting one paper copy and one electronic copy of an assignment application to BOEM. The assignment application must include:

(1) BOEM-assigned lease or grant number;

(2) A description of the geographic area or undivided interest you are assigning;

(3) The names of both the assignor and the assignee, if applicable;

(4) The names and telephone numbers of the contacts for both the assignor and the assignee;

(5) The names, titles, and signatures of the authorizing officials for both the assignor and the assignee;

(6) A statement that the assignee agrees to comply with and to be bound by the terms and conditions of the lease or grant;

(7) The qualifications of the assignee to hold a lease or grant under § 585.107; and

(8) A statement on how the assignee will comply with the financial assurance requirements of §§ 585.515 through 585.537. No assignment will be approved until the assignee provides the required financial assurance.

(c) If you submit an application to assign a lease or grant, you will continue to be responsible for payments that are or become due on the lease or grant until the date BOEM approves the assignment.

(d) The assignment takes effect on the date BOEM approves your application.

(e) You do not need to request an assignment for mergers, name changes, or changes of business form. You must notify BOEM of these events under § 585.109.

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