30 CFR § 585.606 - What must I demonstrate in my SAP?

§ 585.606 What must I demonstrate in my SAP?

(a) Your SAP must demonstrate that you have planned and are prepared to conduct the proposed site assessment activities in a manner that conforms to your responsibilities listed in § 585.105(a) and:

(1) Conforms to all applicable laws, regulations, and lease provisions of your commercial lease;

(2) Is safe;

(3) Does not unreasonably interfere with other uses of the OCS, including those involved with national security or defense;

(4) Does not cause undue harm or damage to natural resources; life (including human and wildlife); property; the marine, coastal, or human environment; or sites, structures, or objects of historical or archaeological significance;

(5) Uses best available and safest technology;

(6) Uses best management practices; and

(7) Uses properly trained personnel.

(b) You must also demonstrate that your site assessment activities will collect the necessary information and data required for your COP, as provided in § 585.626(a).