30 CFR § 7.402 - Definitions.

§ 7.402 Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this subpart.

Component. Any material in a cable splice kit which becomes part of a splice.

Conductor. A bare or insulated wire or combination of wires not insulated from one another, suitable for carrying an electric current.

Electric Cable. An assembly of one or more insulated conductors of electric current under a common or integral jacket. A cable may also contain one or more uninsulated conductors.

Jacket. A nonmetallic abrasion-resistant outer covering of a cable or splice.

Power Conductor. An insulated conductor of a cable assembly through which the primary electric current or power is transmitted.

Signaling Cable. A fiber optic cable, or a cable containing electric conductors of a cross-sectional area less than #14 AWG used where the circuit cannot deliver currents which would increase conductor temperatures beyond that established for the current-carrying capacity of the conductors.

Splice. The mechanical joining of one or more severed conductors in a single length of a cable including the replacement of insulation and jacket.

Splice Kit. A group of materials and related instructions which clearly identify all components and detail procedures used in safely making a flame-resistant splice in an electric cable.