30 CFR § 7.43 - Application requirements.

§ 7.43 Application requirements.

(a) An application for approval of a battery assembly shall contain sufficient information to document compliance with the technical requirements of this subpart and include a composite drawing with the following information:

(1) Overall dimensions of the battery assembly, including the minimum distance from the underside of the cover to the top of the terminals and caps.

(2) Composition and thicknesses of the battery box and cover.

(3) Provision for securing covers.

(4) Documentation of flame-resistance of insulating materials and cables.

(5) Number, type, and rating of the battery cells.

(6) Diagram of battery connections between cells and between battery boxes, except when connections between battery boxes are a part of the machine's electrical system.

(7) Total weight of the battery, charged and ready for service.

(8) Documentation of materials and configurations for battery cells, intercell connectors, filler caps, and battery top:

(i) If nonmetallic cover designs are used with cover support blocks; or

(ii) If the cover comes into contact with any portion of the cells, caps, filler material, battery top, or intercell connectors during the impact test specified by § 7.46.

(b) All drawings shall be titled, dated, numbered, and include the latest revision number.

[53 FR 23500, June 22, 1988, as amended at 60 FR 33723, June 29, 1995]

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