30 CFR § 705.3 - Authority.

§ 705.3 Authority.

(a) The Secretary of the Interior is authorized by Pub. L. 95-87 to:

(1) Establish the methods by which he or she and State officials will monitor and enforce the provisions contained in section 517(g) of the Act;

(2) Establish appropriate provisions for employees of the State Regulatory Authority who perform any function or duty under the Act to file a statement and supplements thereto in order to identify any financial interest which may be affected by section 517(g), and

(3) Report annually to the Congress the actions taken and not taken during the preceding calendar year under section 517(g) of the Act.

(b) The Governor of the State, the Head of the State Regulatory Authority, or such other State official designated by State law, is authorized to expand the provisions in this part in order to meet the particular needs within the State.

(c) The Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of the Interior, is authorized to conduct on behalf of the Secretary periodic audits related to the provisions contained in section 517(g) of the Act and related to the provisions in this part. These audits will be conducted on a cyclical basis or upon request of the Secretary or the Director.

[42 FR 56060, Oct. 20, 1977, as amended at 56 FR 46987, Sept. 17, 1991]