30 CFR § 706.19 - Resolving prohibited interests.

§ 706.19 Resolving prohibited interests.

Actions to be taken by the Director, the heads of other Federal agencies, and the heads of other affected bureaus and offices within the U.S. Department of the Interior include:

(a) Remedial action to effect resolution. If an employee has a prohibited financial interest, the head of the organizational entity (Department, bureau, office, etc.) where the employee works shall promptly advise the employee that remedial action which will resolve the prohibited interest is required within 90 days.

(b) Remedial action may include: (1) Reassignment of the employee to a position which performs no function or duty under the Act, or

(2) Divestiture of the prohibited financial interest, or

(3) Other appropriate action which either eliminates the prohibited financial interest or eliminates the situation which creates the conflict.

(c) Reports of noncompliance. If 90 days after an employee is notified to take remedial action that employee is not in compliance with the requirements of the Act and these regulations, the official, other than the Director, who ordered the remedial action shall promptly report the facts of the situation to the Director. The reports to the Director shall include the original or a certified true copy of the employee's statement and any other information pertinent to the Director, including a statement of actions being taken at the time the report is made. Within 30 days of receipt of a noncompliance report, the Director shall notify the head of the employing organization and the employee involved of additional action to be taken. Actions which the Director may take include but are not limited to the granting of additional time for resolution or the initiation of action to impose the penalties prescribed by the Act.

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