30 CFR § 706.4 - Authority.

§ 706.4 Authority.

(a) The Director is authorized by Pub. L. 95-87 to:

(1) Establish the methods by which the provisions in section 201(f) of the Act will be monitored and enforced;

(2) Establish appropriate provisions for all employees who perform any function or duty under the Act to file a statement and supplements thereto concerning their financial interests which may be affected by section 201(f); and

(3) Report annually to the Congress on the actions taken and not taken during the preceding calendar year under section 201(f) of the Act.

(b) Other Federal agencies with employees who perform functions or duties under the Act may adopt financial interest regulations pursuant to the Act which are consistent with the requirements in this part. If any such agency does not adopt regulations pursuant to this part, that agency shall enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Director, to have the employees of that agency who perform functions or duties under the Act file their statements with the Director. The Director will review statements filed with him or her, applying the regulations of the Department of the Interior. Where the Director determines that remedial action is necessary, he or she will refer the case to the employing agency with a recommendation as to the action to be taken.

(c) The Office of Inspector General within the U.S. Department of the Interior, will conduct periodic audits of Interior's compliance with the provisions contained in section 201(f) of the Act and the provisions of this part. The Office of Inspector General will arrange for such periodic audits of other Federal agencies to be performed by the audit unit of each such agency. The audits will be conducted on a cyclical basis or upon request of the Secretary of the Interior or the Director. Copies of all audit reports and related responses on corrective actions will be provided to the Director.

[42 FR 56060, Oct. 20, 1977, as amended at 56 FR 46988, Sept. 17, 1991]

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