30 CFR § 732.11 - Review by the Director.

§ 732.11 Review by the Director.

(a) Immediately upon receipt of a proposed State program, the Director shall publish in the Federal Register and in a newspaper of general circulation in the State a notice meeting the following requirements:

(1) The notice shall include the date of the submission of the program and a summary of the program's contents. It shall also indicate that the full text of the program submission is available for review during regular business hours at the OSM State Office and at the central office and each field office of the State agency responsible for the submission.

(2) The notice shall afford interested persons an opportunity to submit written comments. The comment period shall end on a date following the public hearing scheduled to be held under paragraph (b) of this section and that date shall be specified in the notice.

(3) The notice shall identify the time and location within the State at which the Office will hold the public hearing under paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) A public hearing shall be held by the Director no sooner than 40 days following the publication of the notice required by paragraph (a) of this section. The hearing shall be informal and follow legislative procedures.

(1) The format and the rules of procedure for each hearing shall be determined by the Director and published in the Federal Register notice required by paragraph (a).

(2) When the program is submitted, State laws and regulations must be submitted in their final form or in the form in which they are expected to become final. Should revisions to any of the laws or regulations be necessary during the public comment period or before the Secretary's decision, OSM will give notice and provide an opportunity for review and comment. State laws and regulations must be enacted by the date of program approval.

(c) Copies of written comments shall be available for public inspection and copying at the OSM State Office and the offices of the State agency responsible for submitting the program.

(d) The Director shall consider all relevant information, including information obtained from public hearings and comments, and shall recommend to the Secretary that the program be approved or disapproved, in whole or in part. The recommended decision shall specify the reasons for the recommendation.

[47 FR 26365, June 17, 1982]