30 CFR § 735.14 - Coverage of grants.

§ 735.14 Coverage of grants.

(a) Program development grants. An agency may use grant money under this part to cover the costs of developing -

(1) New or revised State laws, regulations, and procedures;

(2) Revised or expanded inspection systems;

(3) Training programs for inspectors and other personnel;

(4) New or revised organizational structures;

(5) Information and communications systems, including data processing systems;

(6) A planning process including a data base and information system to receive and act upon petitions to designate lands unsuitable for mining;

(7) An application for the initial administration and enforcement grant to the extent not covered by indirect costs or other cost items;

(8) Other components necessary to obtain an approved State program, as mutually agreed upon by the Director or his authorized designee and the agency receiving a grant.

(b) Administration and enforcement grants. An agency may use grant money under this part to cover the costs of -

(1) Administering an approved State regulatory program;

(2) Providing supporting and administrative services required by the State regulatory program;

(3) Providing equipment required for the regulatory program and its support, either through use charges or direct purchase. Equipment charges and purchases will be allowed in accordance with Federal Management Circular 74-4, “Cost principles applicable to grants and contracts with State and local governments,” (34 CFR part 255) and Office of Management and Budget Circular No. A-102, “Uniform administrative requirements for grants-in-aid to State and local governments” (42 FR 45828).