30 CFR § 769.18 - Decisions on petitions.

§ 769.18 Decisions on petitions.

(a) In reaching his or her decision, the Director shall use the information and consider the recommendation provided by the Federal land management agency, information provided by other governmental agencies, the detailed statement, when it is prepared under § 769.17(e), and any other relevant information submitted during the comment period.

(b) A final written decision shall be issued by the Director, including a statement of reasons, within 60 days of completion of the public hearing, or if no public hearing is held, within 12 months after receipt of the complete petition. The Director shall simultaneously send the decision by certified mail to the petitioner and the intervenors and by regular mail to all other persons involved in the proceeding.

(c) If the Director concurs with the recommendation of the surface managing agency, the Director's decision becomes final. If the Director does not concur with the recommendation, he or she shall notify the Director of the surface managing agency within 30 days after the public hearing, if any. The decision at the same time will be referred to the Secretary through respective agency heads for resolution and issuance of a final decision within 60 days after the hearing, if any.

(d) A final decision of the Director or the Secretary is subject to judicial review in accordance with § 775.13 of this chapter and section 526 (a)(2) and (b) of the Act.