30 CFR § 77.215 - Refuse piles; construction requirements.

§ 77.215 Refuse piles; construction requirements.

(a) Refuse deposited on a pile shall be spread in layers and compacted in such a manner so as to minimize the flow of air through the pile.

(b) Refuse shall not be deposited on a burning pile except for the purpose of controlling or extinguishing a fire.

(c) Clay or other sealants shall be used to seal the surface of any refuse pile in which a spontaneous ignition has occurred.

(d) Surface seals shall be kept intact and protected from erosion by drainage facilities.

(e) Refuse piles shall not be constructed so as to impede drainage or impound water.

(f) Refuse piles shall be constructed in such a manner as to prevent accidental sliding and shifting of materials.

(g) No extraneous combustible material shall be deposited on refuse piles.

(h) After October 31, 1975 new refuse piles and additions to existing refuse piles, shall be constructed in compacted layers not exceeding 2 feet in thickness and shall not have any slope exceeding 2 horizontal to 1 vertical (approximately 27°) except that the District Manager may approve construction of a refuse pile in compacted layers exceeding 2 feet in thickness and with slopes exceeding 27° where engineering data substantiates that a minimum safety factor of 1.5 for the refuse pile will be attained.

(i) Foundations for new refuse piles and additions to existing refuse piles shall be cleared of all vegetation and undesirable material that according to current, prudent engineering practices would adversely affect the stability of the refuse pile.

(j) All fires in refuse piles shall be extinguished, and the method used shall be in accordance with a plan approved by the District Manager. The plan shall contain as a minimum, provisions to ensure that only those persons authorized by the operator, and who have an understanding of the procedure to be used, shall be involved in the extinguishing operation.

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[36 FR 9364, May 22, 1971, as amended at 40 FR 41776, Sept. 9, 1975; 60 FR 33723, June 29, 1995]