30 CFR § 77.306 - Fire protection.

§ 77.306 Fire protection.

Based on the need for fire protection measures in connection with the particular design of the thermal dryer, an authorized representative of the Secretary may require any of the following measures to be employed:

(a) Water sprays automatically actuated by rises in temperature to prevent fire, installed inside the thermal dryer systems, and such sprays shall be designed to provide for manual operation in the event of power failure.

(b) Fog nozzles, or other no less effective means, installed inside the thermal dryer systems to provide additional moisture or an artificial drying load within the drying system when the system is being started or shutdown.

(c) The water system of each thermal dryer shall be interconnected to a supply of compressed air which permits constant or frequent purging of all water sprays and fog nozzles or other no less effective means of purging shall be provided.

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