30 CFR § 774.13 - Permit revisions.

§ 774.13 Permit revisions.

(a) General. During the term of a permit, the permittee may submit an application to the regulatory authority for a revision of the permit.

(b) Application requirements and procedures. the regulatory authority shall establish—

(1) A time period within which the regulatory authority will approve or disapprove an application for a permit revision; and

(2) Guidelines establishing the scale or extent of revisions for which all the permit application information requirements and procedures of this subchapter, including notice, public participation, and notice of decision requirements of §§ 773.6, 773.19(b) (1) and (3), and 778.21, shall apply. Such requirements and procedures shall apply at a minimum to all significant permit revisions.

(c) Criteria for approval. No application for a permit revision shall be approved unless the application demonstrates and the regulatory authority finds that reclamation as required by the Act and the regulatory program can be accomplished, applicable requirements under § 773.15 which are pertinent to the revision are met, and the application for a revision complies with all requirements of the Act and the regulatory program.

(d) Request to change permit boundary. Any extensions to the area covered by the permit, except incidental boundary revisions, shall be made by application for a new permit.

[48 FR 44395, Sept. 28, 1983, as amended at 65 FR 79668, Dec. 19, 2000]