30 CFR § 822.13 - Monitoring.

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§ 822.13 Monitoring.

(a) A monitoring system shall be installed, maintained, and operated by the permittee on all alluvial valley floors during surface coal mining and reclamation operations and continued until all bonds are released in accordance with Subchapter J of this chapter. The monitoring system shall provide sufficient information to allow the regulatory authority to determine that -

(1) The essential hydrologic functions of alluvial valley floors are being preserved outside the permit area or reestablished within the permit area throughout the mining and reclamation process in accordance with § 822.11;

(2) Farming on lands protected under § 822.12 is not being interrupted, discontinued, or precluded; and

(3) The operation is not causing material damage to the quantity or quality of water in the surface or underground systems that supply alluvial valley floors protected under § 822.12.

(b) Monitoring shall be conducted at adequate frequencies to indicate long-term trends that could affect compliance with §§ 822.11 and 822.12.

(c) All monitoring data collected and analyses thereof shall routinely be made available to the regulatory authority.