30 CFR § 845.21 - Use of civil penalties for reclamation.

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§ 845.21 Use of civil penalties for reclamation.

(a) To the extent authorized in the applicable annual appropriations act or other relevant statute, the Director of OSMRE may utilize money collected by the United States pursuant to the assessment of civil penalties under section 518 of the Act for reclamation of lands adversely affected by coal mining practices after August 3, 1977, until such funds are expended.

(b) The Director may allocate funds at his discretion for reclamation projects on lands within any State or on Federal lands or Indian lands based on the following priorities:

(1) Emergency projects as defined in § 700.5 of this chapter;

(2) Reclamation projects which qualify as priority 1 under section 403 of the Act;

(3) Reclamation Projects which qualify as priority 2 under section 403 of the Act; and

(4) Reclamation of Federal bond forfeiture sites.

(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (b) of this section, at his discretion, the Director may allocate funds for any other reclamation project which constitutes a danger to the environment or to the public health and safety.

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