30 CFR § 850.14 - Examination.

§ 850.14 Examination.

(a) The regulatory authority shall ensure that candidates for blaster certification are examined by reviewing and verifying the -

(1) Competence of persons directly responsible for the use of explosives in surface coal mining operations through a written examination in technical aspects of blasting and State and Federal laws governing the storage, use, and transportation of explosives; and

(2) Practical field experience of the candidates as necessary to qualify a person to accept the responsibility for blasting operations in surface coal mining operations. Such experience shall demonstrate that the candidate possesses practical knowledge of blasting techniques, understands the hazards involved in the use of explosives, and otherwise has exhibited a pattern of conduct consistent with the acceptance of responsibility for blasting operations.

(b)Applicants for blaster certification shall be examined, at a minimum, in the topics set forth in § 850.13(b).