30 CFR § 865.11 - Protected activity.

§ 865.11 Protected activity.

(a) No person shall discharge or in any other way discriminate against or cause to be fired or discriminated against any employee or any authorized representative of employees because that employee or representative has -

(1) Filed, instituted or caused to be filed or instituted any proceedings under the Act by -

(i) Reporting alleged violations or dangers to the Secretary, the State Regulatory Authority, or the employer or his representative.

(ii) Requesting an inspection or investigation; or

(iii) Taking any other action which may result in a proceeding under the Act.

(2) Made statements, testified, or is about to do so -

(i) In any informal or formal adjudicatory proceeding;

(ii) In any informal conference proceeding;

(iii) In any rulemaking proceeding;

(iv) In any investigation, inspection or other proceeding under the Act;

(v) In any judicial proceeding under the Act.

(3) Has exercised on his own behalf or on behalf of others any right granted by the Act.

(b) Each employer conducting operations which are regulated under this Act, shall within 30 days from the effective day of these regulations, provide a copy of this part to all current employees and to all new employees at the time of their hiring.

[42 FR 62712, Dec. 13, 1977; 43 FR 2722, Jan. 19, 1978. Redesignated at 44 FR 15312, Mar. 13, 1979]

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