30 CFR § 886.15 - How do I apply for a grant?

§ 886.15 How do I apply for a grant?

(a) You must use application forms and procedures specified by OSM.

(b) We approve or disapprove your grant application within 60 days of receipt.

(c) If we do not approve your application, we inform you in writing of the reasons for disapproval. We may propose modifications if appropriate. You may resubmit the application or appropriate revised portions of the application. We process the revised application as an original application.

(d) You must agree to carry out activities funded by the grant in accordance with SMCRA, applicable Federal laws and regulations, and applicable OMB and Treasury Circulars.

(e) We do not require complete copies of plans and specifications for projects either before the grant is approved or at the start of the project. However, after the start of the project, we may review your plans and specifications at your office, the project site, or any other appropriate site.