30 CFR § 921.700 - Massachusetts Federal program.

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§ 921.700 Massachusetts Federal program.

(a) This part contains all rules that are applicable to surface coal mining operations in Massachusetts which have been adopted under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977.

(b) The rules in this part cross-reference pertinent parts of the permanent program regulations in this chapter. The full text of a rule is in the permanent program rule cited under the relevant section of the Massachusetts Federal program.

(c) The rules in this part apply to all surface coal mining operations in Massachusetts conducted on non-Federal and non-Indian lands. The rules in Subchapter D of this chapter apply to operations on Federal lands in Massachusetts.

(d) The recordkeeping and reporting requirements of this part are the same as those of the permanent program regulations which have been approved by the Office of Management and Budget under 44 U.S.C. 3507.

(e) There are no Massachusetts laws which provide more stringent environmental control and regulation of surface coal mining operations than do the provisions of the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act and the regulations in 30 CFR chapter VII.

(f) The following are Massachusetts laws that interfere with the achievement of the purposes and requirements of the Act and are, in accordance with section 504(g) of the Act, preempted and superseded insofar as they apply to surface coal mining operations regulated under the Act:

(1) The Coal Mining Regulatory and Reclamation Act of 1977, as amended, Mass. Ann. Laws. Ch. 21B, Sections 1-15.

(2) Statutes governing licenses for minerals exploration, Mass. Ann. Laws Ch. 21, section 54-56.

(g) The Secretary may grant a limited variance from the performance standards of §§ 921.815 through 921.828 of this part if the applicant for coal exploration approval or a surface mining permit submitted pursuant to §§ 921.772 through 921.785 demonstrates in the application that:

(1) Such a variance is necessary because of the nature of Massachusetts' terrain, climate, biological, chemical or other relevant physical conditions; and

(2) The proposed variance is not less effective than the environmental protection requirements of the regulations in this program and is consistent with the Act.

[48 FR 41004, Sept. 12, 1983, as amended at 52 FR 13808, Apr. 24, 1987]

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