30 CFR § 955.16 - Reciprocity.

§ 955.16 Reciprocity.

(a) Grant of certificate. OSM shall grant an OSM blaster certificate through reciprocity to any qualified applicant who demonstrates that he or she, and whom OSM finds, holds a current State blaster certificate granted by a State regulatory authority under an OSM-approved State blaster certification program. An applicant for a certificate through reciprocity need not otherwise demonstrate that he or she meets the age, experience, knowledge, competence, training or examination requirements of this part.

(b) Subsequent certificate.

(1) Any person who holds an OSM blaster certificate granted through reciprocity may qualify for a subsequent certificate either through reciprocity or by meeting directly the applicable requirements of this part for certificate issuance, renewal or reissuance.

(2) OSM shall not recognize a certificate granted through reciprocity as qualifying an applicant for certificate issuance, renewal or reissuance.