31 CFR § 10.38 - Establishment of advisory committees.

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§ 10.38 Establishment of advisory committees.

(a) Advisory committees. To promote and maintain the public's confidence in tax advisors, the Internal Revenue Service is authorized to establish one or more advisory committees composed of at least six individuals authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. Membership of an advisory committee must be balanced among those who practice as attorneys, accountants, enrolled agents, enrolled actuaries, enrolled retirement plan agents, and registered tax return preparers. Under procedures prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service, an advisory committee may review and make general recommendations regarding the practices, procedures, and policies of the offices described in § 10.1.

(b) Effective/applicability date. This section is applicable beginning August 2, 2011.

[T.D. 9527, 76 FR 32308, June 3, 2011]