31 CFR 10.65 - Supplemental charges.

§ 10.65 Supplemental charges.

(a)In general. Supplemental charges may be filed against the respondent by amending the complaint with the permission of the Administrative Law Judge if, for example -

(1) It appears that the respondent, in the answer, falsely and in bad faith, denies a material allegation of fact in the complaint or states that the respondent has insufficient knowledge to form a belief, when the respondent possesses such information; or

(2) It appears that the respondent has knowingly introduced false testimony during the proceedings against the respondent.

(b)Hearing. The supplemental charges may be heard with other charges in the case, provided the respondent is given due notice of the charges and is afforded a reasonable opportunity to prepare a defense to the supplemental charges.

(c)Effective/applicability date. This section is applicable beginning August 2, 2011.

[T.D. 9359, 72 FR 54552, Sept. 26, 2007, as amended by T.D. 9527, 76 FR 32309, June 3, 2011]