31 CFR 10.81 - Petition for reinstatement.

§ 10.81 Petition for reinstatement.

(a)In general. A practitioner disbarred or suspended under § 10.60, or suspended under § 10.82, or a disqualified appraiser may petition for reinstatement before the Internal Revenue Service after the expiration of 5 years following such disbarment, suspension, or disqualification (or immediately following the expiration of the suspension or disqualification period, if shorter than 5 years). Reinstatement will not be granted unless the Internal Revenue Service is satisfied that the petitioner is not likely to engage thereafter in conduct contrary to the regulations in this part, and that granting such reinstatement would not be contrary to the public interest.

(b)Effective/applicability date. This section is applicable beginning June 12, 2014.

[T.D. 9668, 79 FR 33694, June 12, 2014]
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