31 CFR § 1010.331 - Reports relating to currency in excess of $10,000 received as bail by court clerks.

§ 1010.331 Reports relating to currency in excess of $10,000 received as bail by court clerks.

(a) Reporting requirement—(1) In general. Any clerk of a Federal or State court who receives more than $10,000 in currency as bail for any individual charged with a specified criminal offense must make a report of information with respect to that receipt of currency. For purposes of this section, a clerk is the clerk's office or the office, department, division, branch, or unit of the court that is authorized to receive bail. If someone other than a clerk receives bail on behalf of a clerk, the clerk is treated as receiving the bail for purposes of this paragraph (a).

(2) Certain financial transactions. Section 6050I of title 26 of the United States Code requires clerks to report information about financial transactions to the IRS, and 31 U.S.C. 5331 require clerks to report the same information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This information shall be reported on the same form as prescribed by the Secretary.

(b) Meaning of terms. The following definitions apply for purposes of this section—

(1) The term currency means—

(i) The coin and currency of the United States, or of any other country, that circulate in and are customarily used and accepted as money in the country in which issued; and

(ii) A cashier's check (by whatever name called, including treasurer's check and bank check), bank draft, traveler's check, or money order having a face amount of not more than $ 10,000.

(2) The term specified criminal offense means—

(i) A Federal criminal offense involving a controlled substance (as defined in section 802 of title 21 of the United States Code), provided the offense is described in Part D of Subchapter I or Subchapter II of title 21 of the United States Code;

(ii) Racketeering (as defined in section 1951, 1952, or 1955 of title 18 of the United States Code);

(iii) Money laundering (as defined in section 1956 or 1957 of title 18 of the United States Code); and

(iv) Any State criminal offense substantially similar to an offense described in this paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

(c) Time, form, and manner of reporting.—(1) In general. The reports required by paragraph (a) of this section must be made by filing a Form 8300, as specified in 26 CFR 1.6050I-2(c)(2). The report must be filed at the time and in the manner specified in 26 CFR 1.6050I-2(c)(1) and (3), respectively.

(2) Verification of identity. A clerk required to make a report under this section must, in accordance with 26 CFR 1.6050I-2(c)(3)(ii), verify the identity of each payor of bail listed in the report.

[77 FR 33637, June 7, 2012]