31 CFR § 1010.711 - Submitting requests.

§ 1010.711 Submitting requests.

(a) Each request for an administrative ruling must be in writing and contain the following information:

(1) A complete description of the situation for which the ruling is requested,

(2) A complete statement of all material facts related to the subject transaction,

(3) A concise and unambiguous question to be answered,

(4) A statement certifying, to the best of the requestor's knowledge and belief, that the question to be answered is not applicable to any ongoing state or Federal investigation, litigation, grand jury proceeding, or proceeding before any other governmental body involving either the requestor, any other party to the subject transaction, or any other party with whom the requestor has an agency relationship,

(5) A statement identifying any information in the request that the requestor considers to be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552, and the reason therefor,

(6) If the subject situation is hypothetical, a statement justifying why the particular situation described warrants the issuance of a ruling,

(7) The signature of the person making the request, or

(8) If an agent makes the request, the signature of the agent and a statement certifying the authority under which the request is made.

(b) A request filed by a corporation shall be signed by a corporate officer and a request filed by a partnership shall be signed by a partner.

(c) A request may advocate a particular proposed interpretation and may set forth the legal and factual basis for that interpretation.

(d) Requests shall be addressed to: Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, P.O. Box 39, Vienna, VA 22183.

(e) The requester shall advise the Director, FinCEN, immediately in writing of any subsequent change in any material fact or statement submitted with a ruling request in conformity with paragraph (a) of this section.