31 CFR § 206.7 - Compliance.

§ 206.7 Compliance.

(a) The Service will monitor agency cash management performance. Part of the monitoring process will include establishing implementation end dates for conversion to, or expansion of, EFT mechanisms, as well as the identification of mitigating circumstances that may prevent the use of EFT.

(b) In cases where an agency fails to meet a scheduled date within its control, or where an agency converts to a less cost-effective transfer mechanism without prior, written Service approval as determined in accordance with § 206.4(c), the Service will send a formal Notice of Deficiency to an agency's designated cash management official. A separate Notice will be sent for each initiative.

(1) Collections cash flows. For collections cash flows, the Notice of Deficiency will include the nature of the deficiency, the amount of the proposed charge, the method of calculation, the right to file an appeal, and the date the charge will be imposed in the absence of an appeal. The amount of the charge will be equal to the cost of such noncompliance to the Treasury's General Fund.

(2) Payments cash flows. [Reserved]