31 CFR § 248.3 - Advice of nonreceipt or loss.

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§ 248.3 Advice of nonreceipt or loss.

The payee or owner of a depositary check which is not received, or which has been lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated or defaced to such an extent that it is rendered non-negotiable, should immediately notify the disbursing officer who issued such check or the administrative agency exercising jurisdiction over such disbursing officer, over his signature and current address, giving information as to the circumstances of the loss, theft or destruction of the check and whether it was endorsed, and also requesting that payment of the check be stopped. A claimant who is one other than the payee of the check, should present a statement in support of his ownership of the check. If the check has been mutilated or defaced, it should be forwarded to the issuing disbursing officer with request for the issuance of a substitute.