31 CFR § 321.8 - Redemption-exchange of Series E and EE savings bonds and savings notes.

§ 321.8 Redemption-exchange of Series E and EE savings bonds and savings notes.

(a) General. Subject to the provisions of Circular No. 2-80 (31 CFR part 352), the governing regulations, and the provisions of this part and its appendix, an agent may make payment of eligible securities presented for redemption in exchange for Series HH bonds. Securities eligible for exchange are:

(1) Series EE bonds bearing issue dates of January 1, 2003, or earlier, presented no earlier than six months from their issue dates;

(2) Series EE bonds bearing issue dates of February 1, 2003, or thereafter, presented no earlier than 12 months from their issue dates; and

(3) Series E bonds and savings notes presented no later than one year from the month in which they reached final maturity. The total redemption value of the securities presented for exchange must be at least $500.

(b) Requirements for redemption-exchange. An agent shall not accept and redeem eligible securities on exchange unless:

(1) The securities are accompanied by a completed exchange subscription signed by the presenter;

(2) The presenter is the owner, the legal representative (excluding a representative of a decedent's estate), the surviving coowner or beneficiary, or the principal coowner (as defined in § 352.7(e)(2) in 31 CFR part 352 (Circular No. 2-80)) of the securities presented for exchange and is to be named as owner or first-named coowner on the Series HH bonds; and

(3) The request for payment on each security is signed by the presenter. A presenter who is a legal representative should show the full title adjacent to each signature and, in the case of a corporate legal representative, should show the full corporate name, as well as the title. If the name of the presenter has been changed by marriage, or if the presenter is named as beneficiary or legal representative on the securities, the agent may process the transaction in accordance with the provisions of § 321.7 (b), (d), or (e) of this part. If the agent is authorized and elects to use the special endorsement procedure, set out in 31 CFR part 330 (Circular No. 888, current revision), the requests for payment do not need to be signed; however, this special endorsement may not be used in lieu of the presenter's signature on the exchange subscription.

(c) Interest reporting. To the extent that it represents interest of $10 or more, a paying agent is required to report cash, refunded in an exchange transaction, to the presenter and to the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of 26 CFR 1.6049-4.

(d) Completion of transaction. An agent shall transmit for settlement eligible securities redeemed on exchange and, at the same time, forward the exchange application (PD F 3253) and any additional cash needed to complete the transaction to a TRS Site.

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