31 CFR § 332.6 - Purchase of bonds.

§ 332.6 Purchase of bonds.

(a) Issuing agents. Only Federal Reserve Banks and Branches, as fiscal agents of the United States, and the Department of the Treasury were authorized to issue Series H bonds. However, financial institutions were permitted to forward applications for purchase of the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank of their district. The date of receipt, by the Reserve Bank or the Department of the Treasury, of the application and payment governed the issue date of the bond purchased.

(b) Application for purchase and remittance.

(1) The applicant for purchase of Series H Bonds furnished.

(i) Instructions for registration of the bonds to be issued, which must have been in an authorized form;

(ii) The appropriate social security or employer identification number;

(iii) The post office address of the owner or first-named coowner; and

(iv) The address(es) for delivery of the bonds and for mailing checks in payment of interest, if other than that of the owner or first-named coowner.

(2) The application was to be forwarded to a Federal Reserve Bank or Branch, or the Department of the Treasury, accompanied by a remittance to cover the purchase price. Any form of exchange, including personal checks, was acceptable, subject to collection. Checks or other forms of exchange were to be drawn to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank or the United States Treasury. Checks payable by endorsement were not acceptable. Any depositary qualified pursuant to 31 CFR part 203, also published as Department of the Treasury Circular No. 92, current revision, was permitted to make payment by credit for bonds applied for on behalf of its customers, up to any amount for which it was qualified in excess of existing deposits, when so notified by the Federal Reserve Bank of its district.