31 CFR § 337.5 - Assignments.

§ 337.5 Assignments.

(a) If the registered payee, or an assignee holding a certificated debenture under proper assignment from the registered payee, desires that payment be made to such payee or assignee, the debenture need not be assigned. If the owner desires for any reason that payment be made to another, without intermediate assignment, the debentures should be assigned to “The Federal Housing Commissioner for redemption (or, purchase) for the account of ____,” inserting the name and address of the person to whom payment is to be made. Proof of the authority of the individual assigning on behalf of an owner will be required in accordance with part 306 of this chapter.

(b) An assignment in blank or other assignment having similar effect will be recognized, but in that event the debenture would be, in effect, payable to bearer, and payment will be made in accordance with the instructions received from the person surrendering the debenture for redemption or purchase. For the owner's protection, such assignments should be avoided unless the owner is willing to lose the protection afforded by registration.

(c) Debentures submitted for conversion to book-entry form should be assigned to “The Federal Housing Commissioner for conversion to book-entry debentures for the account of ____.” The registration on the book-entry account and/or the account number in which the debentures should be deposited should be indicated.

(d) All assignments must be made on the debentures themselves unless otherwise authorized by the Department of Treasury.