31 CFR 341.0 - Offering of bonds.

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§ 341.0 Offering of bonds.

The Secretary of the Treasury, under the authority of the Second Liberty Bond Act, as amended, and pursuant to the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Retirement Act of 1962, offers for sale, effective as of January 1, 1963, bonds of the United States, designated as United States Retirement Plan Bonds. The bonds will be available for investment only to:

(a) Bond purchase plans and

(b) Pension and profit-sharing plans, as described in sections 405 and 401, respectively, of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

This offering of bonds will terminate on April 30, 1982.
[ 28 FR 405, Jan. 16, 1963, as amended at 47 FR 18596, Apr. 30, 1982]