31 CFR § 342.7 - Payment or redemption.

§ 342.7 Payment or redemption.

(a) General. A savings note is redeemable any time one year or more after the issue date upon its presentation and surrender, with a duly executed request for payment, to any Federal Reserve Bank or Branch referred to in § 342.9, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, or to any financial institution designated as a paying agent of savings bonds.

(b) Judgment creditors. Payment of a savings note to the purchaser at a sale under a levy, or to the officer authorized to levy upon the property of the owner under appropriate process to satisfy a money judgment, could not be made until one year after the issue date of the note.

[57 FR 14282, Apr. 17, 1992, as amended at 59 FR 10540, Mar. 4, 1994]