31 CFR 346.2 - Registration.

§ 346.2 Registration.

(a)General. The registration of Individual Retirement Bonds is limited to the names of natural persons in their own right, whether adults or minors, in either single ownership or beneficiary form. A bond registered in the beneficiary form will be inscribed substantially as follows (for example): “John A. Doe payable on death to (or P.O.D.) Richard B. Roe.” No more than one beneficiary may be designated on a bond.

(b)Inscription. The inscription on the face of each bond will show the name, address, and date of birth of the registered owner. The name of the beneficiary, if one is to be designated, will also be shown in the inscription.

[ 40 FR 4240, Jan. 28, 1975, as amended at 71 FR 46857, Aug. 15, 2006]