31 CFR § 362.1 - Declaration of “valuables”.

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§ 362.1 Declaration of “valuables”.

It is determined that replacements, in accordance with the procedure established under section 3 of the Government Losses in Shipment Act (50 Stat. 479, as amended; 5 U.S.C. 134b), of the articles or things or representatives of value enumerated and referred to in this section would be in the public interest; accordingly, they are hereby declared to be “valuables” within the meaning of the act.

(a) Money of the United States and foreign countries. Currency, included mutilated currency and canceled currency, coins, including uncurrent coins, and specie.

(b) Securities and other instruments or documents, private and public.

Abstracts of title.
Certificates of deposit.
Certificates of indebtedness.
Checks, drafts and money orders.
Equipment trust certificates.
Stamps, including postage, revenue, license, food order and public debt.
Stamped envelopes and postal cards.
Stock certificates.
Trust receipts.
Voting trust receipts.
Warehouse receipts.
And other instruments or documents similar to the foregoing and whether complete, incomplete, mutilated, canceled, in definitive form or represented by interim documents.

(c) Precious metals and stones. Diamonds and other precious stones. Gold, silver and any other precious or rare metal, including articles composed thereof.

(d) All other. Works and collections of artistic, historical, scientific or educational value which are the property of the United States or which may be loaned to the United States at its request, or which may be shipped on authority of the United States for its examination or acceptance as a gift.

[4 FR 3796, Sept. 1, 1939, as amended at 5 FR 2653, July 25, 1940. Redesignated at 49 FR 47002, Nov. 30, 1984. Further redesignated at 50 FR 51394, Dec. 17, 1985]