31 CFR § 391.1 - General.

§ 391.1 General.

(a) Waiver of late charges. Late charges may be waived:

(1) When the underlying claim is compromised in accordance with 4 CFR part 103;

(2) Where the underlying claim is not compromised but it is appropriate to waive late charges under the criteria of 4 CFR part 103 relating to enforcement policy;

(3) When collection of the underlying claim is terminated in accordance with 4 CFR part 104;

(4) When a claim is suspended in accordance with 4 CFR part 104.

(5) Where the cost of collecting the unpaid late charges would approach or exceed the amount of unpaid late charges to be collected and the amount of late charges does not qualify for referral to a collection agency or the Department of Justice;

(6) Where the late charges pertain to claims involving savings bonds and notes arising under 31 U.S.C. 3105 and 3106 which are replaced pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 3126;

(7) For reasons of equity or good conscience as provided in § 391.2.

(b) Partial waiver. Late charges may be waived in full or in part.