31 CFR § 501.716 - Default.

§ 501.716 Default.

(a) A party to a proceeding may be deemed to be in default and the Administrative Law Judge (or the Secretary's designee during review proceedings) may determine the proceeding against that party upon consideration of the record if that party fails:

(1) To appear, in person or through a representative, at any hearing or conference of which the party has been notified;

(2) To answer, to respond to a dispositive motion within the time provided, or otherwise to prosecute or defend the proceeding; or

(3) To cure a deficient filing within the time specified by the Administrative Law Judge (or the Secretary's designee) pursuant to § 501.729(b).

(b) In deciding whether to determine the proceedings against a party deemed to be in default, the Administrative Law Judge shall consider the record of the proceedings (including the Order Instituting Proceedings) and shall construe contested matters of fact and law against the party deemed to be in default.

(c) For information and procedures pertaining to a motion to set aside a default, see § 501.726(e).