31 CFR § 501.724 - Documents that may be withheld.

§ 501.724 Documents that may be withheld.

(a) Notwithstanding § 501.723(f), the Director or respondent may withhold a document if:

(1) The document is privileged;

(2) The document would disclose the identity of a confidential source; or

(3) The Administrative Law Judge grants leave to withhold a document or category of documents as not relevant to the subject matter of the proceeding or otherwise, for good cause shown.

(b) Nothing in paragraph (a) of this section authorizes the Director to withhold documents that contain material exculpatory evidence.

(c) Withheld document list. The Director and respondent shall provide the Administrative Law Judge, for review, a list of documents withheld pursuant to paragraphs (a)(1)-(3) of this section. The Administrative Law Judge shall determine whether any such document should be made available for inspection and copying.