31 CFR § 501.733 - Evidence: confidential information, protective orders.

§ 501.733 Evidence: confidential information, protective orders.

(a) Procedure. In any proceeding as defined in § 501.702, a respondent; the Director; any person who is the owner, subject or creator of a document subject to subpoena or which may be introduced as evidence; or any witness who testifies at a hearing may file a motion requesting a protective order to limit from disclosure to other parties or to the public documents or testimony containing confidential information. The motion should include a general summary or extract of the documents without revealing confidential details. If a person seeks a protective order against disclosure to other parties as well as the public, copies of the documents shall not be served on other parties. Unless the documents are unavailable, the person shall file for inspection by the Administrative Law Judge a sealed copy of the documents as to which the order is sought.

(b) Basis for issuance. Documents and testimony introduced in a public hearing are presumed to be public. A motion for a protective order shall be granted only upon a finding that the harm resulting from disclosure would outweigh the benefits of disclosure.

(c) Requests for additional information supporting confidentiality. A person seeking a protective order under paragraph (a) of this section may be required to furnish in writing additional information with respect to the grounds for confidentiality. Failure to supply the information so requested not later than 5 days from the date of receipt by the person of a notice of the information required shall be deemed a waiver of the objection to public disclosure of that portion of the documents to which the additional information relates, unless the Administrative Law Judge shall otherwise order for good cause shown at or before the expiration of such 5-day period.

(d) Confidentiality of documents pending decision. Pending a determination of a motion under this section, the documents as to which confidential treatment is sought and any other documents that would reveal the confidential information in those documents shall be maintained under seal and shall be disclosed only in accordance with orders of the Administrative Law Judge. Any order issued in connection with a motion under this section shall be made public unless the order would disclose information as to which a protective order has been granted, in which case that portion of the order that would reveal the protected information shall not be made public.