31 CFR § 501.739 - Record in proceedings before Administrative Law Judge; retention of documents; copies.

§ 501.739 Record in proceedings before Administrative Law Judge; retention of documents; copies.

(a) Recordation. Unless otherwise ordered by the Administrative Law Judge, all hearings shall be recorded and a written transcript thereof shall be prepared.

(1) Availability of a transcript. Transcripts of hearings shall be available for purchase.

(2) Transcript correction. Prior to the filing of post-hearing briefs or proposed findings and conclusions, or within such earlier time as directed by the Administrative Law Judge, a party or witness may make a motion to correct the transcript. Proposed corrections of the transcript may be submitted to the Administrative Law Judge by stipulation pursuant to § 501.732(c), or by motion. Upon notice to all parties to the proceeding, the Administrative Law Judge may, by order, specify corrections to the transcript.

(b) Contents of the record. The record of each hearing shall consist of:

(1) The Order Instituting Proceedings, Answer to Order Instituting Proceedings, Notice of Hearing and any amendments thereto;

(2) Each application, motion, submission or other paper, and any amendments, motions, objections, and exceptions to or regarding them;

(3) Each stipulation, transcript of testimony, interrogatory, deposition, and document or other item admitted into evidence;

(4) With respect to a request to disqualify an Administrative Law Judge or to allow the Administrative Law Judge's withdrawal under § 501.738, each affidavit or transcript of testimony taken and the decision made in connection with the request;

(5) All proposed findings and conclusions;

(6) Each written order issued by the Administrative Law Judge; and

(7) Any other document or item accepted into the record by the Administrative Law Judge.

(c) Retention of documents not admitted. Any document offered as evidence but excluded, and any document marked for identification but not offered as an exhibit, shall not be part of the record. The Administrative Law Judge shall retain any such document until the later of the date the proceeding becomes final, or the date any judicial review of the final proceeding is no longer available.

(d) Substitution of copies. A true copy of a document may be substituted for any document in the record or any document retained pursuant to paragraph (c) of this section.