31 CFR § 536.702 - Prepenalty notice.

§ 536.702 Prepenalty notice.

(a) When required. If the Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control has reasonable cause to believe that there has occurred a violation of any provision of this part or a violation of the provisions of any license, ruling, regulation, order, direction or instruction issued by or pursuant to the direction or authorization of the Secretary of the Treasury pursuant to this part or otherwise under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, and the Director determines that further proceedings are warranted, he shall issue to the person concerned a notice of his intent to impose a monetary penalty. The prepenalty notice may be issued whether or not another agency has taken any action with respect to this matter.

(b) Contents -

(1) Facts of violation. The prepenalty notice shall describe the violation, specify the laws and regulations allegedly violated, and state the amount of the proposed monetary penalty.

(2) Right to respond. The prepenalty notice also shall inform the respondent of respondent's right to respond to the notice within 30 days of its mailing as to why a monetary penalty should not be imposed, or, if imposed, why it should be in a lesser amount than proposed.